Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mid April Update

It has been a long tough month here in Chautauqua County.  Temps well below normal and constant rain and snow showers have slowed any major projects.  Everything has been mown and most of the sticks and debris in the rough has been picked up at this point, some areas a second time after last weekend's heavy winds.

Other than being wet and cold, the course looks good and is just waiting for some players.  We have some die hard junior golfers from local HS teams that have been out nearly every day this week, but even the golf nuts on my crew have only been out a couple times this year.

We are replacing the culvert under the cart path on #2 Lake Course this week. The old galvanized pipe was rotting and caving in.  In the attached picture I have circled a hole in the path that kept sinking and was a health hazard.  The old pipe is out and we have replaced it with a double wall plastic pipe that should last another 50 years or more.  The area will be graded and reseeded after it dries out a little.

The new pump station will be here tomorrow morning at 9:00.  We will get it set in place and the pumps attached tomorrow and the electricity hooked up sometime in the next couple weeks.  I expect to be fully operational by May 6th.  I will post a slide show of the whole process from demolition of the old pump house to the final piece of siding put on the new pump house when the project is completed.

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