Friday, February 17, 2012

Social Media in Golf Course Maintenance

As technology continues to evolve at an unbelievable pace, several opportunities begin to present themselves both in golf course maintenance and in communication.  It wasn't that long ago that cell phones were gaining popularity and became more reliable.  Now, with the advent of fast and reliable smartphones and tablets, this portable technology is opening doors for instant communication and updates for members and guests to find out what is happening on the course. 

"Is there a frost delay?", "When can we get back on the course after aerification?", "What happened to the bunker on #6?" are all questions that can now be answered almost before they are asked.  How?  By following @cgcmaintenance on Twitter.  To this point in time I have primarily been a "lurker", following various industry professionals and their Tweets, and deciding if this was something worth its time and effort.  I have come to the conclusion that it is indeed very much worth the time and effort if used properly.  I am still getting the hang of how to effectively Tweet, so please be patient as I grow with it.  The first few months will more than likely be a little sparse as we battle our way through the last couple months of winter, but will pick up as the weather breaks and work starts up on the course.

What info you will get:

         Project updates, weather updates, occasional green speed readings, frost updates, etc.

What info you will NOT get:

         What color socks I'm wearing, what my six year old ate for breakfast, what LeBron James said, or where I'm eating lunch.

So, if you are currently on Twitter or if you are considering it, please become a follower of @cgcmaintenance and keep up on course happenings.

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