Thursday, January 17, 2013

January Update

Our spring-like weather last weekend has chased the snow off greens, tees, fairways and all but the shadiest areas of the rough. I always enjoy a nice January thaw as it allows me to get out and check turf conditions during a time when we usually have a couple feet of snow cover.

I'm happy to report that the fine turf areas are doing well. I have seen a few spots of superficial gray snow mold on a few tees and fairways and nothing on greens. I always get a little nervous when we have a warm late fall/early winter after our snow mold applications have been applied but, like last season, this doesn't appear to be a problem at this point and hope that our control holds up until spring.

Bill and Dan are just finishing up carts this week and will be back down to the shop to start on our maintenance equipment early next week. They were happy to only have 115 carts to service this season, not needing to service the 30 that we are trading for newer models. They give each cart a very thorough physical, changing filters, oil and belts on each one, and brakes and seat covers on carts that may need it. They do a nice job making sure you have a reliable and comfortable cart for you each season.

Hope everyone had a safe, healthy and happy holiday season and we look forward to seeing you in the 2013 season.

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