Monday, March 31, 2014

So Close........

yet so far away.

The beginning of the 2014 season felt so close late last week I was watching the long range forecast.  We were beginning a warming trend with several days forecast in the 50's, a few warm rains, and 2 days of 60* to start this week. Then it all changed in a heartbeat.  6" of new wet snow and most forecast days in the low to mid 40's. Welcome to Chautauqua, NY.

Today's sunny 45* and tomorrow's 63* should help get rid of this weekend's snow, but we were definitely set back a few days.  Our average first mowing of the greens is April 7th and, while it is quite possible the thaw will happen quicker than expected, the best case scenario would be to have the greens mowed by next Friday April 11.  The snow will be gone by then, and maybe even the frost from the ground, but we will still need a day or two to get the debris cleaned off and get them rolled before they can be mowed.

In reality, April 11th isn't that far away and is only 4 days behind normal, but after a winter like this it seems so far away.  THINK GREEN!!!!

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