Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Different Point of View

This picture sums up the perspective from the maintenance staff early last week. It had rained for what seemed like 100 straight days preventing any real on course maintenance other than picking up sticks and debris and the forecast was calling for several more inches over a two day period. We were incredibly fortunate and missed 90% of it and we were able to get out and get greens, tees and fairways knocked back down to a manageable height and the course was quite playable for the weekend.

The picture was taken from a tee on the Lake Course at grass level. The grass on the tee isn't as out of control as it appears. Tees are mowed at 1/2" and only have a couple days growth on them. The camera lens nestled down into the turf canopy for the picture. Can you guess which tee? If I wasn't the one to take the picture I wouldn't have been able to name it.

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