Thursday, June 2, 2011

Nice Weather

Yesterday was a great drying day and today will be just as good. With the dry weather comes much improved playing conditions. By the end of the day we will have been able to get everything mowed at least once and most of it several times.

We are on our second cutting of the week on rough, even getting over areas that haven't seen a mower in weeks. Fairways have been mown every day this week and look good, with the exception of a small amount of damage from mowers and golf carts. I expect this damage to heal quickly with the heavy turf growth we are currently experiencing.

The greens have been lowered for this morning's mowing. At this point in the season they are usually down to where they will be for the season, but with the greens being as soft as they were I was afraid of mower scalping and losing grass unnecessarily. The wet conditions have also prevented us from doing our spring aerification and applying topdressing on a regular basis and the old push-up greens are a little bumpier than I would like to see them today. With some extra rolling I would expect them to be rolling great for the weekend.

Also with the drier weather, assistant Bill Peterson has been able to address the cart paths by getting some good bank run gravel in the low sloppy areas. This will make a good base for further improvements later this month.

The weather forecast looks great and I hope to see everyone out this weekend.

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