Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Upcoming Schedule

With the NJCAA Division III National Championship starting next week on the Lake Course, our normal maintenance schedule gets a little out of whack on both courses as we prepare for the tournament. 

Most notably will be our cup changing schedule and locations on the Lake Course.  Our normal rotation is Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, but with the cups being changed every day during the tournament I like to eliminate a day or two from our rotation.  This week's cup changing days will be Thursday and Sunday, having already skipped Tuesday this week.  The schedule after the tournament will also change to let the recent cups heal from the week.

You will also notice some pin placements in some unusual locations, some good and some not so good.  This is done because our greens are too small to support cups being changed 10 times in 13 days and it keeps healing old cups out of the way of the kids trying to win their national championship.  I realize this is an inconvenience to our membership and our guests and appreciate your understanding and patience if you feel you have played on the same pin locations too many days.

Mowing and rolling also ramp up over the next week to keep everything tight for the tournament.  This really doesn't affect normal play except for the fact that we will occasionally steal a mower from the Hill Course route to assist on the Lake Course. Early morning golfers will certainly catch up to and pass our mowers at this point and will have to play on dewy grass for a little while.

Again, thank you for your patience and understanding over the next few weeks.

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