Monday, May 7, 2012

The Eurythmics and Superstition

What does 80's pop group The Eurythmics have to do with golf course maintenance? Well......"Here Comes the Rain Again"!!!!!

After such a great and dry March, April and the first of May has been nothing but a constant onslaught of snow, rain and sometimes both. It has wreaked havoc on our renovation progress on numbers 6 & 8 on the Lake Course as well as our spring aerification schedule.

A good question would be "How much rain have we received?" I have no idea, and this is where the superstition comes in. A few years ago every time I put out the rain gauge, it seemed to trigger a lengthy rain event that would only halt when I brought it back in. Silly, I know, but it seemed to work for a couple years. I guess I'll try the opposite now and put it back out.

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