Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Early May Update

With the warmer, and relatively drier, weather last week, the course started to dry out and firm up allowing us to mow much more of than in previous weeks and we are beginning to look like a golf course again.   Some wetter areas of the course are being mowed for only the first time this season and some have yet to be touched.  After yesterday's storm, I doubt they will be mowed this week.

It feels like we are behind from a maintenance standpoint, and this is likely due to the mild, although wet, start to the year.  But the reality is that we are right on schedule, and maybe even a little ahead.  All greens have been aerified, the Lake Course two weeks ago and the Hill Course last week. With the warmer spring, the soil temps are almost 20*F warmer than last season resulting in quick healing of the greens.  The Lake Course greens are almost fully healed and the Hill will be roughly one week behind them.

As we head into the first of May, all sets of tee markers are being set out, bunker rakes are placed at each bunker and maintenance begins to be a little more routine as the weather gets better and our staff size increases.  Golf season is here!

The next week, weather depending, will see fertilizer applications, weeds treated, and leveling of #4 and #17 Lake tees, which will begin as soon as we dry out a little bit.