Sunday, April 21, 2013

It's Shaggy!

And I don't mean the hippy from Scooby-Doo.

It has been a wet spring to this point, only adding to the swampy weather that caused us to stop mowing in October last season. Because we did stop mowing in October, all of our turf areas came into 2013 tall and shaggy and will take longer to get back down to normal mowing heights than in previous seasons. This picture shows just how much the fairways have grown since October.

Knowing that the weather in WNY can be unpleasant at times, I always have "inside" jobs for my crew when we are not able to be on the course. This year is no exception as we have spent our time painting the shop break room, constructing new tee markers, and assembling new ball washer ensembles and patio furniture. The "Bell Tower" tee markers are labor intensive and will likely not make their debut for a few weeks.

Along with the freshly painted shop, I have made one other change to the break room. I have implemented a digital job assignment board. This little piece of technology has been made possible with the use of Google Drive and the dropping prices of televisions. I will now be able to add or change my crew's job assignments from anywhere on the course, a much more efficient method than in the past.

We are scheduled to begin aerifying the Lake Course greens this week but this weekend's significant rain and small snowfall may alter our plans. Please follow us on Twitter @CHQTurfCare for updates concerning this and all other course maintenance practices.

I look forward to seeing everyone out on the course.


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