Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January Update

As we head into mid January, we find ourselves right on schedule with our winter equipment maintenance.  Bill and Dan have completed our roughly 140 golf carts and are now on to our mowing and maintenance equipment.

Each machine is given a thorough inspection with special attention given to parts that receive high amounts of wear, such as reel and roller bearings and pivot points of cutting unit lift arms.  All reels are inspected, repaired and sharpened while the machines themselves have all oils and filters replaced.  This is time consuming and relatively expensive, but it ensures a smoothly running fleet of high quality mowers and greatly extends the overall life of each respective machine.

In Bill and Dan we have two excellent mechanics, and this shows in the improvement and reliability of our maintenance fleet over the last several years.  This allows us to keep the course in the great condition in which you have become accustomed.