Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Frequent and untimely rain has been the norm this spring, even more so than normal.  Not only does it keep you away from the course, but delays the maintenance staff's scheduled maintenance and projects as well.

The most obvious to the golfer at this point is the lack of topdressing on our newly aerated greens.  Mother Nature was kind enough to give us a window for getting greens on both courses cored, but not kind enough to provide enough time for getting our topdressing down.  What does this mean for the greens?  Its not the end of the world.  The aeration still accomplishes the goal of alleviating compaction and diluting the thatch layer, and we will still be performing routine topdressings.

What does this mean for recovery of the greens to their normal state?  Not much here either.  As I said, we will still be topdressing even though not much of it will find its way into the holes.  The larger issue concerning recovery time will be the cold ground temperature which is limiting turf growth. We need a stretch of warmer days to get things popping.  Once this happens, the holes will close up quickly and our smooth greens will be back.