Monday, June 1, 2015

One More Week

On the eve of this year's NJCAA Championship, I feel as I always do, "One more week."  One more week to get all the little things done to provide these fine young men, and occasional young lady, with the golf course they deserve for their championship.

The reality of it is that everything will be playing just fine come tomorrow morning and usually the little things are the odd tree that was missed by the trimming crew or the flower garden that didn't get edged or weeded again last week.  But this year is different, the little things are a little bigger with our drainage project still being in the repair stage.  The course will still play as well as it ever has for the tournament, just with a little more white paint for ground under repair, and the "one more week" would have only provided a more finished look as these areas would still need to be played as ground under repair since it would not be fully healed yet.

So, as we embark on another week of the NJCAA Championship, I would like to wish all competitors a sincere good luck and hope you enjoy your experience here at Chautauqua Golf Club.