Thursday, May 5, 2016

Early May Updates

We're still in the "Herd of Speeding Turtles" mode here in WNY.  All greens have been aerified and topdressed but recovery has been slow due to low soil temperatures.  We have finally crept into the low 50's for soil temperature and should begin to see the fertilizer kick in to accelerate recovery.

The bridge on #15 Lake is nearly complete with only the stone work, landscaping, paving and staining to be completed.  As part of the project, we were able to both make the bridge wider and eliminate the abrupt ramps on each end of the old bridge resulting in a quieter and more comfortable ride.

As we do every spring, we are renovating a few bunkers in advance of the NJCAA National Championship.  Assistant superintendent, Bill Peterson, has already completed #9 Lake and is currently tackling the greenside bunkers on #2 Lake in an effort to improve drainage.

If you have been out to play lately, you may have noticed some white lines and arrows on the paths.  These indicate sections of paths that are scheduled for repair and another coat of blacktop for a smoother ride.