Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's Golf Season!

We really caught a break Monday and Tuesday this week with the rain breaking up as it got to us.  It rained a little, but not enough to slow us down as we get out on the course for "spring cleaning".

As of this post, all Lake Course greens, aprons and tees have been cleared, rolled and mowed, and Lake Course fairways have been cleared and rolled.  Cups have also been changed for the first time this season on the Lake Course and the Hill Course will be done Thursday.  Hill Course greens have been cleared, rolled and mowed and Hill Course fairways have been cleared and some rolled.  Tees will be done Wednesday if we can get lucky with the rain for a third straight day.  There is still a lot of debris in the rough, but that will be cleaned up once the main course areas have been completed.

The course really came through the winter well and is off to a good start for the season, even if we are behind in growing degree days comparatively for the season.

Hope to see everyone out here soon.

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