Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New practice of an Old practice

I was walking the greens the other day and noticed the leaf blades of the turf on our greens were getting a little wide, something unacceptable for good greens.

We have been verticutting regularly enough that I didn't think this would happen, but obviously it still did. So, we've restarted a new, old practice of dragging a brush across the green before mowing to stand the wide, grain-causing leaf blades up. The mowers can then clip off the longer, wider leaf blades. This will thin the greens for a period of time allowing new shoots of finer bladed leaf blades to fill in where the wide blades were. The result is quicker, smoother, more consistent greens that also happen to be healthier. A win-win the whole way around.

Brushing does not replace verticutting, but will be used in conjunction with it as another maintenance tool to keep us where we want to be.

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