Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Early April Update

It's hard to believe it is April 3rd and we're having a hard time keeping up with the mowing.  Soil temps have fallen 12-13 degrees in the last week and, while the growth has slowed down, it is still going quick enough that we're having a hard time catching up.  Please be patient with our mowing and maintenance schedule when things don't appear to be in mid season form.  Keep in mind that it is only April 3rd and we usually still have snow cover at this time.

The last two days have been verticutting days for the Lake Course, getting fairways and aprons done for the first time this season.  The greens have been verticut once and will be done a second time this week.  In the past I haven't been happy with our verticutting on the greens. They just didn't seem to bring up much material or stand the leaf blades up like I wanted so this winter we replaced the OEM blades on our verticutters with some 2mm carbide tip blades and decreased the gap from 3/4" to 1/2".  What a difference and a sense of accomplishment when we verticut compared to years past. I think you will really see a difference in the greens this season and will be thrilled with the improved putting quality and consistancy.

Also this week, we will be getting out tee markers, ball washers and tee signs, bunkers are being cleaned and raked, and the Learning Center driving range is now open.

Happy Spring!

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